Pretty for a tall girl?!?

uhm excuse me?

This will never be a compliment. I’m sad to learn that there are a lot of tall women haters in this world. I was minding my own business on twitter & I starting following this tall guy because of his twitter name, @Damn_ImTall. It all starts with him saying that short women rule the world. READ BELOW

I’m assuming that this is a young kid who hasn’t discovered the beauty of dating a tall woman.  But it still disappointed me. I really dont understand why a tall man wouldn’t want to date a tall woman. I mean, OK, if you fall head over heels in love with a short woman, than so be it, but to rule out tall women completely?? It baffles me.

Oh wait, he then goes on to say that he does want to have some type of relationship with a tall woman because he does want tall kids!!! Yes, because our sole purpose as a tall women is to go out and make tall babies for these men. We aren’t worthy of marriage -____-

I felt the need to say something in defense for my tall women, so I posted this…

In response to me, he said this…

Well guess what? We dont want to rub our beautiful long legs against yours anyway!! hmmpff.



Smh, Crazy Guy..

So I have this friend,

He is 6′ 6″

& we were talking about tall women and relationships. I come across a lot of tall men that date shorter women, so I feel like I can spot the type of guy who doesn’t date tall. I joked with my friend telling him that he seemed like the type to date a girl who was like 5′ 6″. & Do you know what he told me? He said,

Well there aren’t any cute tall women out here [Oregon]. Plus it doesn’t matter how tall they are, everybody’s shorter than me.

Being a tall girl,(& a advocate for tall on tall relationships) I took offense to that statement. He made it seem like finding a tall cute girl was a rare thing. BULL! Tall beautiful women are everywhere. Hopefully, I make him believe that he needs to be the type of guy who dates tall. lol.

Side note: Even though he made that comment he is pretty amazing (:

Nervous Nancy

Ok, so let me first explain this picture. A couple of days ago I was waiting for the school bus to come. I was minding my own business with my headphones on jammin’ and then these basketball players come and start to wait for the bus too. I dont know why, but tall men make me sooooooo  nervous. I get so intimidated. You would think I would be excited and start a conversation, but no, not I. I slowly move to the side, and when the bus comes I sit in the front and get on the phone to ease my nerves. Does anyone else have these feelings??? haha, please tell me I’m not alone.