if i had a penny

If I had a penny for every time someone asked me one of these questions or said one of these statements to me I would honestly be rich. You would probably be too, so if there are some I forgot just shoot me a comment.

  • How tall are you? ( #1 question)
  • So do you play basketball or volleyball?
  • Are you a model? You should be. You are soooo tall.
  • I have a tall son that would love to meet you.
  • Your boyfriend must be tall.
  • Are you standing on something?
  • Oh my goodness I thought you were wearing heels!
  • I would love to be that tall.
  • You are so tall that you are making me look short.
  • You probably never wear heels…
  • I wish I was your height.

One thought on “if i had a penny

  1. Jheri says:

    • How tall are your parents?
    • Where do you find clothes?

    Then there are the ones, usually teenagers who like to stand beside you and jump:-)

    I’m 1.90 m, just about 6’3, and live in København

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