Pretty for a tall girl?!?

uhm excuse me?

This will never be a compliment. I’m sad to learn that there are a lot of tall women haters in this world. I was minding my own business on twitter & I starting following this tall guy because of his twitter name, @Damn_ImTall. It all starts with him saying that short women rule the world. READ BELOW

I’m assuming that this is a young kid who hasn’t discovered the beauty of dating a tall woman.  But it still disappointed me. I really dont understand why a tall man wouldn’t want to date a tall woman. I mean, OK, if you fall head over heels in love with a short woman, than so be it, but to rule out tall women completely?? It baffles me.

Oh wait, he then goes on to say that he does want to have some type of relationship with a tall woman because he does want tall kids!!! Yes, because our sole purpose as a tall women is to go out and make tall babies for these men. We aren’t worthy of marriage -____-

I felt the need to say something in defense for my tall women, so I posted this…

In response to me, he said this…

Well guess what? We dont want to rub our beautiful long legs against yours anyway!! hmmpff.



6 thoughts on “Pretty for a tall girl?!?

  1. Jessica says:

    I’ve noticed it’s getting worse. My daughters 5’6 (strangely) & she’s gotten made fun of for being “too tall”? Where does that leave us?

  2. saif (sef) says:

    Trust me, there are plenty of guys who like tall girls. Sure, I may not be tall and you may rule me out because of that, but I definitely wouldn’t mind a woman taller than me! This guy is just a jerk. On the opposite side of the spectrum, some women do the same with short guys (I’ve been rejected by a girl 5 inches shorter than me, but she wasn’t polite at all about it so it didn’t bother me), but it is what it is. Ignore this jerk, he doesn’t represent all men just as that girl I met doesn’t represent the totality of women.

  3. Jewel says:

    Not sure about you guys and you might get mad for this.

    But the fact that tall men seem to fall for the shorties may have to do with nature.

    If only tall people mated or only short people mated – you would have two extreme ends of the spectrum / gene pool.

    To keep itself in chec, nature gets opposites to attract.

    I for one feel more comfortable in the company of a – wait for this:

    – shorter
    -much taller guy.

    the guys between 5.10 and 6.2 – i just feel uncomfortable with them (and thats the majority right!)
    I have attracted all in that range. but i like someone happy with themselves bottom line.

    anyways, nothing like a man who loves you just as you are and has confidence to rock off your boots!

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