Smh, Crazy Guy..

So I have this friend,

He is 6′ 6″

& we were talking about tall women and relationships. I come across a lot of tall men that date shorter women, so I feel like I can spot the type of guy who doesn’t date tall. I joked with my friend telling him that he seemed like the type to date a girl who was like 5′ 6″. & Do you know what he told me? He said,

Well there aren’t any cute tall women out here [Oregon]. Plus it doesn’t matter how tall they are, everybody’s shorter than me.

Being a tall girl,(& a advocate for tall on tall relationships) I took offense to that statement. He made it seem like finding a tall cute girl was a rare thing. BULL! Tall beautiful women are everywhere. Hopefully, I make him believe that he needs to be the type of guy who dates tall. lol.

Side note: Even though he made that comment he is pretty amazing (:


2 thoughts on “Smh, Crazy Guy..

  1. Goldielox says:

    Your friend needs to get out more. There are a lot of beautiful tall women. I’m willing to meet your friend and change his mind or at a minimum, provide him with some photos. I’m 6’1″ [living in Oregon]…blonde hair, green eyes. College educated with a great career.

    Tall women are confident and not easily impressed with weak-minded men. Maybe he’s intimidated by a woman that he can’t totally dominate? Hahaha…

  2. *O* says:

    Yo to the person above here, hush with the non sense please.

    It personally doesnt matter about the size, its about whats inside the person and what attracts the person, so if a person isnt attracted to a tall person then hey!, so be it. But im pretty sure he isnt intimidated, and i wish i could go to oregon and meet this dude and get his insight on the situation. Me personally being 6’6 myself i can easily say its not about the size, the reality of it is that some dudes like certain things, just like girls like certain things and certain body parts a certain way on a dude, a dude can think the same way. with a tall dude everything is long and stretched out, on a girl, everything is long and strectched out, maybe its poportion their looking for ya know?. But dont get me wrong i know a few Tall girls who got it rocking and got Swag, so once again Hey!, if u got it, u got it…..if u dont….Oh Well *O*

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