being tall = happiness (:

I was blown away when I read this article, on, about a study that reavealed that taller people live happier lives than shorter people.  I’ve known how great it is to be tall, but this article just proved to me that being tall is wonderful ( no offense to any shorties).  I was so interested in this topic that I decided to do a little poll of my own.While at work (Costco) I asked all of the tall men and women that I helped one important question; ” Do you live a happy life?” Some were shocked by my random question, but they still answered.  Everyone answered yes, but then again, who would really start pouring out thier life story to a cashier in a grocery store. False answers or not, the  question allowed me to explain this new information that I’d stumbled upon. So far this article hasn’t failed me, and I will believe it to be true until I meet one unhappy tall human being.


One thought on “being tall = happiness (:

  1. Anne says:

    I live a more conscious life, I think, being tall. In my case I knew I was very different and really felt on the outside as a young woman. As an adult I’ve really come to love my height as I stand out from the crowd. I see other people striving to do every day what I do just by being a 6′ tall woman. Who loves high heels ;D

    In the end it has come to the point where I have started my own fun tall girls’ fashion line — being tall helped me see a gap in the market!

    Love your blog, by the way. I’m off to add you to my blogroll 🙂

    I think that knowing what’s important to me and sometimes (as in the dating game) having to work a bit harder, has made me happy.

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