Tall Men Only?

Don’t you hate when you see  a tall guy with a short girl? It’s kind of crazy, but I know I’m not the only one who thinks it. It’s as if we feel like there is only a certain amount of tall guys and they are predestined to be with us. I can tell you from experience that I used to shoot imaginary daggers at the short women who would walk past me with a boyfriend who was “tall enough.” Now as I’ve somewhat matured I’ve discovered that it is okay to have a boyfriend who is not as tall as you. I know it might seem crazy right now, but let me explain. My boyfriend isn’t the tallest and I’m okay with that. Society tells us that our boyfriend is supposed to protect us which translates to them being taller than us. What has helped me to accept a boy, tall or short, is that I’ve started to care less about what anyone else thinks. If I haven’t convinced you to make a change just look at all of these celebrity couples. All eyes are on them all of the time and they proudly hold their short man’s hand (:

“It’s better to have loved a short man, than not to have loved at all.”



2 thoughts on “Tall Men Only?

  1. FlatFoot Fete says:

    while I get this post, i’ve always appreciated the charm of a “Barney & Betty” relationship. As long as the “he” can pick-up (literally) the “she”, it could be a winning scenario.

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